Acoustic Four

Tonight’s performance made me lose all my problems
The beautiful strings of melody helped me erased my troubles
and I am happy to say that unhappiness won’t stay forever

I’d be going home, clean myself and eat my dinner
wash all the dishes and throw all my reports down the hangar
Alone, I’d be grabbing up my acoustic guitar and I’d play a little song
I’d be glad if somebody will sing along with me

The days of noise have passed and everything’s silent
My nose has gone to search your scent even though you’re absent
I’ll invent a decent event with the use of my strings
and I’m confident that I can draw attention back from this accident

Away from this accident..

Then, a voice is calling me from somewhere
Outside is an open world and I should be there
Yelling and screaming at an invisible wall

Along with my guitar, we’ve decided to call
The forces of nature so they can help us recall
Our little sacrifices aren’t enough ‘cause the tasks are just too physical
A dream it seems, I just let the time pass away
and the night becomes lonely as it cries with its tears falling down causing a disenchanted and rhapsodic rain and..

written on August 14, 2008
finished on August 15, 2008
added short poem ‘Automatic Responses’ (last paragraph) into ‘Acoustic Four’ on August 28, 2008

eidos # 7


~ by controlkiryu on 04. 07. 2012.

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