Lock On

(And the hunting goes on..)
Now, what’s your plan right now?
You can’t escape when your lock’s on
Now, run like crazy
It never stops for rest
It always find its prey
‘cause now you’re locked on

You can hide from what’s inside
You can’t make up what’s left behind
Your past can change the future,
but you know it’s too late for that now
‘cause you’re locked on

It’s behind you, it is near you,
It is still tracking its prey,
‘cause you’re locked on

Everything’s misunderstood
Now, what’s you’re next move
And right now, you don’t have a choice,
but to use your final move
just to finish it and…
All you can do now is run away
because you’re LOCKED ON!

written on 2005

eidos # 13


~ by controlkiryu on 10. 07. 2012.

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