Nothing More and Nothing Less

Always flying without a care
Falling, laughing and crying without a care
I never knew that love is nothing special

But when I was turning around, you quickly came behind me
You’re just screaming my name and I never noticed it

Nothing more and nothing less
is all I wanted from
The soul of your heart
is all I wished for
You’re nothing more compare to someone that left my spent heart open
Because the wind always keeps on repeatin’
Are you less than I am?
You’re nothing less…

I’m searching for
I’ll here inside my mind
I really don’t mind if the wind trashes me around you
I’m okay if I’m around you

You don’t understand you’re everything. You’re nothing more…
You don’t understand you’re all to me. You’re nothing less…
You don’t understand you’re everything to me. You’re nothing more…
and nothing less…

written on 2007

eidos # 32


~ by controlkiryu on 30. 07. 2012.

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