Fake Sapphire Stone

Everyday, all sapphires go to school
Everyday, back then, well, all was cool
Nobody, eventually, turned into a fool
‘cause they all keep saving their imaginary tool

A tip for you, not all sapphires ain’t figurines
They are all under all the set of beauty queens
She’s a beautiful devil, don’t look as she leans
Please feel all the necessary frictions in her jeans

But if she was mine, would you rather kind of take her?
Be inside a closet so would you kind of take her
The two of you will be a perfect match in a box
You use safety precautions, what about me?

Don’t you know that taking my love is a type of stealing?
I’d shove you off but you kept on speaking
There’s no lake of tears, why’d ya keep on sinking?
Safety’s off and she keeps on shaking

I didn’t notice that my phone had already rung
Sapphires kept on doing what’s already begun
This ain’t steady
My watch is already beaten, so one, two, three, four!

You see she makes a lot of toys for herself
I haven’t put all of my post up on the shelf
Rhythmically, you tore your pants on a nail
Exposed, now sapphires tell me, would he fail?

She has all trophies
She’s a fatherfucking bitch
And she takes you as an answer to every insert question she hears
She does this everyday, you blew it, you blew it

You fell in love with an everyday cheating sapphire!

written on January 9, 2008

eidos # 38


~ by controlkiryu on 05. 08. 2012.

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