Photo Album

A view looking up at the sky
A view looking below me
I’m getting the memories that I need
I don’t want to end up alone
I want you to feel me

We all like and we all do it now
And just goofing around and fooling around now

I want to fill all the albums in the world
With the people’s faces glued on each page

Don’t judge what I caught
It could be what we saw
No one’s ever afraid
To smile and not frown
I have my camera set
We’ll be draining the battery

Every shift’s in any focus now
Just keep your eyes on the lens and wait for the flash now

Our history must be told
With each episode glued on each page
Do the things that you want
And let’s capture the second
Feel the drumbeats
And the same flash is on

We’d be hanging out in the sea
In the beach where we all should be
As the sun goes down we will fly
On a rocket ship taking pictures of the sky
And go to places no one’s ever been
Capturing the moments our eyes have seen
And I’ll bury this as I’ll pass this key
Of treasure to my child

Now, I’ll continue filling the albums of the world
With the people’s smiles glued on each page

written on January 23, 2009

eidos # 50


~ by controlkiryu on 23. 08. 2012.

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