through the breeze and the way it sings
and by the waterfalls, where, alone, she sings
from the future, up to the past, nothing is reality
with the wind up on her shoulder
and the continuing dreams of forever
by the way you support, I feel so sorry

even tried drawing her, thinking her
visualizing her face for once, I cannot
but nobody tried to draw her, thought as an everlasting girl
me? no, I somewhat cannot

my hopes are something exceptional
my hopes have always been optional

I got a receipt out of my hospital stay
sung halo songs along the way and
hey, I’m trying to build a peace of mind
now I’m starin’ out of the window
up on a private school’s second floor
trying to find what I cannot find

then people started gathering
then talking but I keep ignoring them, well
nobody seemed to be oh so gentle and kind
but in her heart, she’s nostalgic
a little cute, a little blessed and a little sick
she keeps her time well without knowing any sign

my hopes for her are slipping away
my hopes keep burning through the day
my hopes compare to my will to
get down on my knees and pray
my hopes are falling away

she’s losing her youth and beauty here for my sake
sharing my bitter lot with me
so I ought, “to provide her with every comfort”
sharing a piece of…

she keeps pulling away from me
I said, “she’s pulling away from me”

three words that I couldn’t even say
and there’re four words that I wouldn’t say
‘cause I know she won’t decay when she can’t send her sins away
I keep telling myself, “she’s not worth it for more”

then I received a call
out a hall where I’d fall
through a call which I can’t recall
this never meant nothing to ya at all

my hopes for her are gone
my hopes are gone but I still stand alone
I just keep myself stable
from which I was able to mess up a table
I was hopeless and alone again
I keep making shows again
but the way I support and by the way I support
the way I support, I feel so sorry
my hopes are burning, burning, burning, is what my hopes are
my hopes are burning for her

written on January 22, 2008

eidos # 55


~ by controlkiryu on 29. 08. 2012.

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