Monster Reborn

Ten years ago, a boy was made to face the wall everyday
Tragically, he was shot in the head at the wrong age
Though, he was rushed to the hospital and was chosen to be saved rather than to die
Ten years later, he’s all grown up
A new man, he is changed
Seeking revenge, I know he’ll show them all

Let’s face the facts:
You’ve hurt the boy and left him for dead
You know that the wounds you’ve inflicted on him will heal but..
Don’t you know that the scars you’ve planted on him won’t heal

He won’t lose to you so you better apologize
Say you’re sorry
He may forgive, he may forgive you

Ten years later, everyone who cursed him paid for their sins
He finds serenity in the air, now
But a threat holds him for missing existences
A monster is reborn

written on November 9, 2008

eidos # 59


~ by controlkiryu on 02. 09. 2012.

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