No More Sembreak

Is it over already?
Can I buy more time?
All I wanted was to relax everyday
Is relaxing a crime?

I’ve only got a week and a day
To relax and chillax
Why does it have to be a week and a day
when it can be a month of a year of relaxing and chillaxing?
This could be the highlight of my life
It is something on the tip of my tongue

I know I’m correct, the effect
I’m a friend you can trust
Just ‘cause we’ve seen quite enough
I’m staying at this house away from school

Monday’s almost two hours away
I want to stay another day

Let’s continue this fun

Is relaxing a crime?
No more sembreak?

written on November 09, 2008

eidos # 69


~ by controlkiryu on 12. 09. 2012.

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