Electrify me
Just don’t caress me
I am trailing behind and well, why do I can’t get enough of
You staring
And glaring
In front of me when I’m watching the television’s laugh
Electrify me
Electrify me
Just don’t caress me just put me away in the facility
You’d charm me like you’d know me
And then you say I hate the way
You said away I wish you away when I’m talking on the telephone
Electrify me
Do not try to even look at me
Look away, because I’m a bloke with no hope and you’re just a hooker that shook
Her away
Would you deny me?
Open the season at the sea
Alone and again and again and deny me refuse me catch me
I’m falling behind with no one in mind I can’t think too clearly

And now I’m watching the T.V., and now beer’s spoiling the T.V.
And now you’re bleeding and crying oh retro gaming tell me what should I do
Before the mess spreads to me too
I notice that you’re turning yellow
Well you need a play fellow to fix my T.V. oh come on as LET’S GO
Won’t even electrify me
Don’t you even try to look at me
Your face is blazing and yearning’s the word the means longing for something
As her boyfriend’s chick’s looking for me, I’m hiding where you don’t usually go
Now you know
I don’t like you
I don’t like you me said I don’t like you, you said
I still wanna do with you to the end now you know

Another no sense in trailing, in my singing style now
Well I think no one’s signing
Your autograph’s worthless as you cannot even write one song with a flow
I wish your wig’s an afro
A clandestine like hideout where no one could ever see
Me from singing
My voice is now weak ‘cause I have to retire so early ‘cause of you
A scream to all the things you’ve stared for.
For all the gals you’d fall for
Well nobody’s like you I mean nobody in my brain that tells something or anything
About you
Another scream to you too
Oh sorrow’s the way to appreciate myself and you could
Well you should
Well you could ‘cause you should and will to get over my power
My power of will
The wheel’s unchangeable so you better sleep ‘cause it’s sundown time

written on June, 2007

revised on July, 2007

eidos # 78


~ by controlkiryu on 25. 09. 2012.

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