Confetti and Holograms

The shadow of the darkness growled at me
As bosoms were caged by the memory

I am dejected as I could not see
The silence that tones my breath and gives death
The coldest wind that moved me turned gloomy
The stillness that can give me too much threat
More than any sufferings you can get
I did not know that love and hate could blend
Like the mark of my love, we’ll never end

In a beautiful place…
Where grasslands are the attractions
Where there’re no negative reactions
A place as soft as a bed
In a beautiful place inside my head

In a place where you hold my left hand
In a place where I hold your right hand
In a place where a star is a tricycle ride away
In a place where I send emails to no one
In a place where butterflies and hurricanes are one

As far as any strawberry shortcakes can imagine
Galaxies and milkshakes in our hearts

written on July 19, 2011

eidos # 85


~ by controlkiryu on 04. 10. 2012.

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