Rebel All You Want To See The Difference

Keep all that hearts you’ve met when everything’s set
Give yourself a warm embrace
And as I see your pretty grace, a mile long away from this
But, you’d respect the rebellion more than any other thing
Well, I don’t give a fuck about this nation ‘cause I didn’t learn a single damn thing
What about education?
Can we learn a thing?
But, we’d never take a revolution ‘cause it kills everything, it kills everything

People are dying.
The Fathers are smiling
Do I reflect from this afterimage?
The choirs are dying while the heroes are suffering
Do I reflect or repent?!

The swords are, then, wielded
The flags are, then, folded
We surrender like idiots in our own land
The swords are then thrust and we fought to the death and
We charged in
We charged in
Oh no, here it comes
We charged in and alone we won’t fall!

General, well, it looks like there’s a complication
Take me as a substitute
Take me as a tribute, oh…

Lost lives
Cannot take this
To my grave
The sunset dies
Well, I
Cannot take this
Down, down
I’m going
I’m going

The lives are burning
The village’s falling
Do I reflect from this afterimage?
The villains are losing
The main ones are winning
Do I reflect… do I reflect or repent?

I’m going
I’m going

written on July, 2007

eidos # 88


~ by controlkiryu on 09. 10. 2012.

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