Further Information

I’m a 14-year old kid with feelings of love and intimacy
I’m just a kid
Remember, there’s more than meets the eye…

Right now, I’m a 14-year old kid
A very adorable and kind-hearted kid
If I ever experience love or intimacy, you better look away ‘cause this ain’t reality

I can jump on heights that a normal boy can’t do
I have a keen ability to pick any kind of electronic lock a normal thief can’t do
My life’s life-threatening so don’t you even do what I do
These trials can kill me
Well, I like it
Well, I like it

You look at me from far away
I look like a weak boy
You stare at me close
You see that I’m more than you can ever dream
Still, I’m just a boy – a kid
I love it
I like this
I love my life more than anything in the world

written on May, 2007

eidos # 93


~ by controlkiryu on 15. 10. 2012.

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