Our World Turns Out To Be A Page In A Black Book

There was a time when a girl with a light blue hair clip
is dancing through the streets without a safety equipment
She tried her best to be the best among her friends
but she ended up looking for work in the wrong places.

She was supposed to be infamous
but the good-looking warden slept with the girl yesterday
Turns out, the warden was caught sleeping with a virgin and his wife came out saying: Well, I need to put a case ‘cause of him
Oh, turns out that the wife is cheating his latter, returns to the former
and went away with his former
This here’s a complicated version of the new house arrest
So, rest your back and sit, it’s gonna be a lecture of unfortunate events
Another lecture of unfortunate events

Wh-wh-what’s this?
It seems the audience here had slept with the judge
and he admits he was forced by his son who turns out to be the cheating wife’s former
Now, the boys and the girls switch places in a *****ing kind of theme
With all the girls admitting and the boys doing all the undressing
The courthouse turns out to be a strip joint

The jury can’t say guilty

It was a night of chances when she had to take 60 paces out to avoid all the scary-looking faces.
Just when the girl insisted on taking all the pills, well
She was escorted back in and locked inside along with the unfilled cases

As long as the people outside won’t see
The ‘Girl’ is gaining popularity every day
The jury saying guilty

“Come,” I said, with decision, “we will go back; your health is precious.”
“You are supposed to be rich, respected, admired and beloved and whatever happens to you…”

As you’re recoiling paces, “I won’t be responsible…”

written on September, 2007

eidos # 94


~ by controlkiryu on 16. 10. 2012.

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