Negative Life

I’m here waving to you telling you how life sucks to me
Never thought of taking a pill to stop my miserable life
I am done with all this lie
I thought that this is a peaceful line

It’s what it seems
You knew that this is my fate
To be done in this mess up line
We are all not the same
When they talk it’s seems they’re talking to me
I am just one of you
Except for me ‘cause I’m a contemptible man
Never thought I had done it all
Changing nothing with all my might

It’s not what it seems
I forgot
This is my fate
To be done in this mess up domain

I’d taken all you’ve got
I’d thought you would but you cannot
You and they would push me around
So that all of you would have that satisfaction
Showing that I have a negative
Life on my shoulder to show the world

Thank you and thank you ‘cause both of you care for me so much
Except for the one in the latter, I cared for you but what you had showed to me?
That I am nothing to you at all?
I will left you behind in my past

Thank you for all the punishment you’ve given to me
And, thank you for all the insults and shit you’ve made just for me

written on January, 2007

revised on April, 2007

eidos # 96


~ by controlkiryu on 18. 10. 2012.

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