Goodbye Mary Magdalene

Look back, a child crying in front of you
You lose yourself in front of me
Oh, all the saints stare at you
What are you going to do?

I’ll be off this time ‘cause you’ll be walking, gracing in these streets
A child’s died, looking back in front of you
I see, now, you smile and stretch out your arms and a beaming light
A beaming light blinds them

Oh! I see you’ve cured him! Furthermore, you’ll be off this time
‘Cause you’ll be healing those who’re dying in these streets
A child stares at you and said, “Are you a saint or a fake!”
Tell be baby; “you’re not messing with us”

Stigmata’re turning against you
You fell and everyone helped you
The good ones were burned
I’d adore you like I used to

While the bad ones adore you
I’d touch you like I used to
We all adore you
Tell me baby; “if I touch ya I’ll die”

If I touch you, I will die… but now, I have
I’s burned and they stampeded on our holy sacred grounds
I mean, they said that the good ones were sinners
Now, they’re turning their rage in churches

I said, “eyes burned and will you speak of this!”
Are you a saint?
Are you a fake?
Tell me baby; “I see my hands are burnt”

We certainly love you
Oh, as the church bells crash
We all love, oh you
Yeah, yeah

written on August, 2007

re-titled on October 20, 2012

revised on October 20, 2012

eidos # 98


~ by controlkiryu on 20. 10. 2012.

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