Nash Flik, Nash Is For King Of All Heroes And Flik Is Obvious For You (Blue Lightning)

When looks get you all nervous, then, why did you attend?
Is it because he’s dead or is it because he spent the night with you?
The ballroom’s see-through fixed as you see through the opaque window
Boys do that remember? Not like you ‘cause you killed my attention

I’ve seen you win those games with the use of swords and shields
Blue Lightning’s only weapon is his bandana and his hands
Maybe it is time to dance or time to take a shower with him
Don’t you see? Of all heroes, he is only the perfect version

So paint your face across the pavement, now
Make it big so that he’ll notice it
Oh, here he comes, oh God, he’s taking all of his clothes off
I’d better leave you two alone and
try to take pictures of you two making out in the shower
A singing night as the night passes by
Hugging underneath the sheets as the morning passes by
Can’t tell a reason why all the boys, unlike me, get the 1st so early

11 years have already passed and a reunion is gonna happen at the school’s quadrangle
I’d scan you both from top to bottom from side to side and
from bottom to top if nothing changes
For my own safety I’d better search for a girl
‘Cause after seeing you two reminds me that time for the Lightnings stood still as ice Remember me?

I’ll reminisce the time that I’m with him and tell a story
Before that faithful fright night, there were me and him
Backstage, taking eye to eye lessons and making the two of us an eyeful appearance
It can’t be helped.
His first kiss, not you.
His first night, not you.
It can’t be helped it’s just an accident

We’re not gay and sure as hell we ain’t normal but
we understand things in a different formal manner
It so happen that two guys can be
two boys feeling confidence and closeness to each other
It can’t be helped because he is only the perfect version
Leave him ‘cause we’ll leave each other soon as dawn breaks
Well, I’m not the one who released the bombshell and
I’m not the one who should break your heart
‘Cause I’m not involved in this anymore

Fate chooses your relations you choose yours
Fate chooses who wins you choose yours
Fate chooses misunderstandings you forget yours
Fate changes one’s destiny you search yours

‘Cause I am, well, I mean he said: “It’s just the state of mind”
Instinct, oh, he wanna show to you this ‘cause he already have his someone
It’s not me and not you.
He was only testing you
There’re a lot of people wanting to get their attention
by dancing in this ballroom-quadrangle
Time to play games again
So, I’m the shield and you’re the sword and he’s both
Just keep in mind he never owes us, he never, he never, he never
Keep in mind the coolest thing in this world is a person like you or me

Not smiling

written on October, 2007

eidos # 101


~ by controlkiryu on 23. 10. 2012.

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