The Anime Girls Are Consisting Of Five Members Today

Oh, you know.. Does it show all the good times and the bad times?
Not missing an appointment with the library
Oh, you know.. Will they go? Oh..
As soon as the bell hits the time limit

A new one girl consists of cuteness with pepperness, a dash of cinnamon and a dream
A new one-dream consists of pureness with happiness, a pint of pretty salts and a dream…

Oh, you know.. Parents know how to make anime daughters
Of course with a brother-er~
Oh, you know.. Will I go? Oh..
Not missing any, pointer’s suggesting: “We shall bow our heads and read”

Oh, you know.. Time will ring and knowledge’ll show
None of the girls are even wise
One is sure is good in English; less measurement of the skirt hurts the superego

written on August 29, 2008

finished on September 03, 2008

eidos # 102


~ by controlkiryu on 24. 10. 2012.

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