I’m Glad That I Joined The Military / (God Knows I’ll Have A Good Time)

I swear that I’ll keep the sane in insanity
I swear I’ll waste my time on perfecting this stage

Just give me worn-out fucking shells
Just give me one thing
I won’t regret this

I swear I’ll follow every command that I’ll hear
I swear that I’ll stare blind straight ‘to nothing but the sun

Just give me torn-out fucking shells
Just give me..
I’ll be scared for life if I won’t live

Staring on ‘to nothing motherfucker
Well, I know that I’m least than another
Why don’t ya try to write me a letter?
Am I training to die as a killer, fucker?

Sir, I wanna know what’s the advantage, oh sir
Ma’am, I want to know what’re the consequences

Oh.. God knows I’ll have a good time
‘Cause I finally have her where I want her
She’s starin’ straight and glarin’ into-

Tackle me!
I don’t want this to end
Bring me down – to my knees, I said
Bury me and leave me here alone
I’m full with misery don’t you see?
I say, “c’mon!”
I’m glad that I joined this loose hell

written on September, 2007

eidos # 111


~ by controlkiryu on 04. 11. 2012.

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