That And There Should Be Where I Will Be With

If you’re on foot while speaking, you’ll be down right okay
But if you’re driving while chatting, you’ll be wasting your day
So baby come on here, I will present you a show
With young boys and officers as your witness

“She’s clever that she ended up dancing to a hole, rather than doubting,
dreaming and swimming to a pole”, that is what your witness said
Baby come on! He might swallow your tongue for being on fire
I guess I hired someone who plays, “Simon lays…”

A girl whose a pro
A girl whose a pro…

This strip discotheque’s taking all the love from the poor
And it’s knocking all the sense from the rich
I, again, should never put another strip discotheque again
Because young boys are telling me, “hey, the new pole dancer’s a bitch“

Making assets is easy in these air-compact situations
It’s not an accident it’s more than a coincidence
Young boys: “hey, you’re kinda dancing like a whore”
Officers: “ma’am, you’re kinda dancing like a pro”

A girl whose a pro
A girl whose a whore

I can’t relax with all the commotion
I really can’t relax with all of these controversies
I guess I’ll put down all the blue and woe over me
So I can see the difference…

written on September, 2007

eidos # 126


~ by controlkiryu on 21. 11. 2012.

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