Ladies First

This night, I will be with you
Together in this house with you!
Let’s skip this first verse fucker!

I’m a very distant, cold, and silent character
Though, these qualities never seem to affect how close I am to you
Even though, I’m still gonna suck your blood and you won’t rip out my heart

You see I’m polite and homicidal
but, still, I’m gonna love you ‘cause you mean so much to me
Let’s skip this second verse fucker!

Seemingly always calm and composed
Never showing much emotion

I won’t gonna let you off this time again!
I won’t gonna let you off
Not ever again, again this time!
This time you won’t erase broken memories of us
Erase this broken…

Damn it, you’re my captive
I won’t let you off
We’re gonna live our lives like this forever…
Stay with me
Stay with me…

written on April, 2007

eidos # 128


~ by controlkiryu on 24. 11. 2012.

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