She Could Not Waist Down

Aww.. she couldn’t even more transparent
Always her outfit is translucent
More than repulsive and less than a G.R.O.
She couldn’t and wouldv’e been the tea person I’d beg for

Aww.. don’t care if she falls short
Always clinging to a support
More to amusements and backseat extreme
Even though that is she’s not as I’d imagine
Being the topnotcher or being a low-profiler
Rather than become what’s what in a dizzying
Necks are spinning and sweating to have been breathing
Dying.. breathing.. damage.. hopping.. talking.. sexing.. breathing

A certain love releases stress in all
In a certain love is what she have if she have me
Not love in text messages and in Y.M.s
And to disclose and hopes repose, I feel sorry that you don’t have me

Aww.. again and again.. aww.. again and again
I wish that I was your friend
And be “Vanilla friends” ‘til the end

Even though that she could not do no waist down
Though she always turns me around
Though she’s difficult to be with in town

written on February 7, 2008

eidos # 140


~ by controlkiryu on 09. 12. 2012.

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