Christmas Comes Once A Year So Merry Christmas

When your lover’s frown gets you down
Think of all the good times and the time where it began
Just to be in the state of happy won’t even bite
The times, the times, the times, oh
Twelve months start a beginning for a party
We don’t need to wait for long
Wait for long? Are you joking me?
Affections are needed for this success
All the cherry lips matched the cherry-flavored fingertips
Snow falls so quietly
There’s a fireplace right there, do you wanna talk with me?

Oh, Christmas comes only once a year
Do you wanna spend the night with me?

Oh, oh, a mistletoe, we’d practiced kissing on the cue
We ain’t prepared ‘cause it’s a time to be together
Together, forever, of course we will remember
The events that will happen on the night of laughter
But the time has come, I had prepared the red striped socks
And now I don’t have a clue, I ain’t turning blue
Baby, what do I get inside my red striped socks?
A ticket with you underneath your Christmas tree

Oh, Christmas comes only once a year
I want to spend Christmas night together with you

But whatever beetles, cactus, cakes, cards, boxes, bushes, roses, carols
Trees, clubs, ferns, puddings, stockings, crackers, flowers
I don’t need them, but I need them, of course to receive affections
I asked to be the one standing in front of you
Every time you open a door at Christmas
I want to make you happy and I want to be happy too

Oh, Christmas comes only once a year
We pray for another good Christmas Eve ‘fore we leave
I want you now to be my honey, baby…
Accept but smile when you say so
I don’t want to be rushed in a coma like last time
Oh, Christmas comes only once a year
Once a year, once a year, once a year, oh…

written on December, 2007

eidos # 155


~ by controlkiryu on 25. 12. 2012.

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