Have you ever heard of the river in the sky?
Or should I say.. the heavens and I?
Know there’s a river of life flowing in the sky
We just couldn’t see it and I

Wish to talk to something else
We’re searching for your brother
The corpse of your dead little brother!
Keeps walking, stalking for us
Just watch and learn
He will get the best of us
The only dream he want is to get to the astral line

And as your disease worsens up
He’s making them
Turn to stone

Why did you make me give you the contract and make you be a contractor?
Was the reason’s for you to use your time to make me find might once more?

Two years left
Is there anything left for me to do?

We didn’t know he’s looking for you?
We didn’t know
Let’s find him and quick
Even when all of your time is wasted
The important thing is we know
Let’s find him and quick!!!

Before your time is up!

written on March, 2007

revised on January 6, 2013

eidos # 169


~ by controlkiryu on 09. 01. 2013.

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