They’re crawling up to us
We have to use all the explosives we have
Burn them
Burn their flesh so we can take our flight escape

They’d surround us
We can’t absolutely take all of them
Like we’d like surrender
Well, I’ve got something to say

The technicians are all dead before we get to their room
As we’re pack here like dogs in this room
The soldiers have captured our beloved
But they will not catch us ‘cause I will and

As if they take me dead
They could fall on us
I’ll protect all of you till I

See them regret what they did to us…
what I’m going through

What we’re going through may let light be shown to us!
Not again

Not again ‘cause they’ll use us in everything that’s bad for our health
Well, they’ll never take me
They’ll never take us

Well, they should send all their leads to us
Let’s provoke them more

And, what we’re going through..
May let light be shown to us!!!

written on April, 2007

eidos # 186


~ by controlkiryu on 30. 01. 2013.

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