What Happened To The 73rd Time Or 74th Time As You Presume

Oh, I’m done with all the tough work
Will you let me jump in?
I’m tired from all the so-called war
I ***** hear you say, “you’re going to far”
You said that I am just like them
I know I put all things to a kiss
But well, you said, “somebody might see us!”
Oh, again, I **** down from the danger zone
You mean it’s okay if I kiss you on the way or someplace else?
You never **** to know me
and I never **** to know you

On this night, this, here, seems long
You’re walking down the street and a lady gave you some dough
and you said to yourself as you see a bride and a groom walking down the aisle
“It seems better if I get.. No!”
You were dreaming for a second and ******** it’s getting colder
It’s getting colder

You came back to me with a, well, I see you’re taking care of your air bike
I said, What do you mean? You **** I care for this more than you?
No, no, no, I think I’m gonna let you speak this time
Oh, warrior of war, can we sleep tonight in a bed in an old hotel?
and we checked-in
Oh, we checked-in
and I see that this maid’s turning me on I guess
I’d close the door I guess
A queen size bed is all I think ‘bout now

On this night, this, here, seems long
I’m gonna take a shower but I’m not avoiding you
Come on ***, pull yourself
You know you cannot be alone by yourself

You ***** said you love me!
I’m taking back all the things I wanted
What happened to the 74th time?
What happened to all the sex that we *** ******?
I’m gonna get rid of your prized tattoo
I’m taking back all the things I wanted
‘cause you never said, “I love you” to me
Now, rain is pouring down on us
but * say I’m a boy form hell
* protect this and **** killers away from hell
I don’t have the time to say this
but I guess I will…

I guess I will…
I guess you shall get all that you want ma’am…

written on August, 2007

eidos # 192


~ by controlkiryu on 07. 02. 2013.

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