Warning Letter

A perfect method to see things differently
To boast on what’s on the outside and to see what could be on the inside

and raid..

..and raid, tonight’s warning is the.. dark phantom’s coming
A job interview with the use of a camera
50 million worldwide, everybody never saw the trick happening
Resting everyday and tuning every night
The maiden glares every night and only this time I let myself in

I’d journey here, I journey in
Find my black wings and match the paint on the windowpane
Finishing, first, all the errands
..then playing cards, reading books, talking, and story-telling

I see myself lit inside a room graced with autumn leaves
night breeze
Alone, together, breathing the night breeze
Alone, together, feeling the night breeze
Every night, I shall come for you

40 years ago, I gave her a spell
Please break it for me, break it for me
I know she won’t remember me
40 years she still has the spell
Break the spell for me, break it for me

I’m taking a dream
How about it?
‘Tis a magical night waiting to happen?
She shall see me again

written on November, 2007

eidos # 196


~ by controlkiryu on 12. 02. 2013.

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