The Violet Girl

Indescribable. That’s what I thought when I first noticed her
I thought I knew
Her arrival is an upcoming disaster

A few months later, a slow and a revealing matter
The latter keeps dripping out of classes and recesses
21st century
Can think when she’s surrounded by the losers
Through conversations and lessons,
she vibrates her way through being that expensive singer

She takes away the competition
They call her beautiful but she’s only in recollections.. and she’s only new

Transcending boundaries and eliminating labels
Recognized since the first day she stepped here
We always wanted a newbie to terrorize, to change their personality
Not create an always-at-the-far-back violent girl

but they want to keep her here

I always try guessing
What is it to matter?
What is it to care?
She doesn’t feel me right
She always sits on my left
I couldn’t say in her face to move away
You’re blocking my thinking space

I know I can’t be with her ’cause my heart’s with somebody else
She doesn’t give a damn
She always has that less-to-talk-about style
With the words of: I want to be in an empty room full of silence

and your kiss is needless when I seek vengeance

She can’t get away with so less to talk about
She just feels sad
Always feeling all the unknown whereabouts

I’m guessing that she’s on it again, on it again
A gig at some bar
I guess that she’s on it again, on it again
A gig at some bar

but I can’t remember

written on May 6, 2008

eidos # 204


~ by controlkiryu on 23. 02. 2013.

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