No Information

We’ve been on.. the rescue efforts
skipped us.. then.. wondering.. everyone are needed
when we try

Try to forget the moments
Try to shatter the mem’ries of..

Lock and load, I’d go.. if you’d go
but we’ll always leave anyway
Then, fight off the wars of..

I’m going in the outside
I’m going out the inside

Speechless again
We can’t hold a dreamt life
It’s easy to not live nowadays
It’s an alternative ending
Better check your walls for cracks
‘Fore it might quite drag you down

I can’t get there ‘cause I don’t have a map
Of course, you don’t care
Friends have your back

Jealousy and envy’s in the air
Left hand’s stained with ink on this letter
just because I wasn’t there on that day
Stupid, reminisces and absolutely can’t get there
Enough with it, I say, “have a good birthday”

written on May 6, 2008

eidos # 215


~ by controlkiryu on 11. 03. 2013.

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