Hallway Of Mouths

I see a pathway full of intelligent people
They never seem to amuse me
..and as I stroll happily facing a dream road
I never seem to know you were blocking my way

I thought I saw a path of people
reading books so they could, well, amuse me
Now I see a pack of wolves in this pathway
Oh no, I forgot to bring my trusty-rusty taper

You all would take me down but I never give up a bloody war
I see knives, guns, bombs and hard bats
I just came here to see all the fireworks

Solving this won’t make things right
Overcoming this will make a lot things easier
After this, you think I’ll visit you?
I don’t know where you live anyway

So don’t get your hopes up, yet

It’s so annoying
Thinking ‘bout all of you
I’m just waiting for you to move so I can get down with my groove

and as I’m writing this song to you, you already, you are already..

Blinking, boasting and laughing as if I was leaving
Staying, thinking and waiting as if I was coming

Back from the dead
I’d return from my sleep
Thinking girls and heroes for my own relief
and I won’t come back from
The dead ‘cause it’s better, better, better, better off this way
but we ain’t saviors
and we ain’t makers

We ain’t makers…

written on August, 2007

eidos # 217


~ by controlkiryu on 13. 03. 2013.

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