Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

I see I’m in a deep seclusion
Another isolation
You don’t know my generation
Be ready for your decimation

I feel so lonely
Waiting for weekends to end
I’m glad that you’ve came to me

It’s about dusk, one evening I encountered you
I said how lucky I am that we met here…
We’re going to drown ourselves in misery
Just you and I, I guess

I have my doubts
and I must satisfy you
Come, let us go
To your vaults, you said
We’re walking to your death

One more time!
We’ll drown ourselves just you, not me
In search for the best booze out there just you, not me
I said, “if you wanna back down, back down now”
You said, “more, more, more, more, more”

and as we’re walking
and as we set foot on this
and as I chained you up inside this crypt
and as if you’re laughing, you’re intoxicated
Do you even care for yourself?
Or would you rather choose to drown yourself
and as I put this wall behind you
and as I shouted if you we’re there
and as the times grew colder
and as the crypt’s sunshine fade
and as I shouted again
and as I shouted again
and as you said
and as you’re dying
of suffocation
I dropped the torch I have
and I hear the last bell ring
Before that I shouted
If you you’re there
You said
“more, more, more, more, more”
and before you burn to ashes
I put the last brick
This was the last time
I’d ever
Drink with you again
but you
kept on saying
“more, more, more, more, more”

written on September, 2007

eidos # 221


~ by controlkiryu on 18. 03. 2013.

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