The Outermost Region In The Mid-north

I’d chase this doomed flight
so I can say goodnight
‘Fore the first song comes on
and ‘fore the cops come on marching

I’d give you dead nails
as this wrecked train derails
‘Fore the black mask shows up
‘Fore the, “we’ve been wrecking”

Are you working in the dark?
in this fall-out like the park?
‘Fore the chair hit comes on
and ‘fore the, “dismissal’s calling”

I’d give you club rights
For forty rights
‘Fore the guilt comes up
and ‘fore the mood swings take over and the after’s telling

How can I help you when you’ve been killing my spree?
and like the school bells’re ringing
while the skirts are floating
as the fighting keeps rolling
She said, “we started it ‘cause the wind told us to”

She said, “I confess I started all of this ‘cause there is nothing much to do”

written on September, 2007

eidos # 230


~ by controlkiryu on 03. 04. 2013.

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