Get It, I, In Suicide Accuracy

I am a future black priest major
Burn on a photograph machine
You see me sometimes in the mirror while your life is on the screen
Even daylight doesn’t hide from the fuckin’ fear that’s on
It’s hard to keep with you making every wrong decision

As blood runs down the walls
As she’s tied up in a cross
There’re devils who seek revenge out of nothing
You flew up bullets inside the room

And as my soul gets stuck in the dream world
Ya heard a story that’s never told
From a vampire that killed a million girls after taking off their clothes
Been holding on forever on this ladder to your bed
This solitary desert’s filled with foul decapitated heads

And we journey inside the castle
Where we could die before the summer
Dries up its holy light as darkness comes
You fire the fucker of a gun

He said, “don’t die ‘cause I want to see you”
Don’t forget that ghosts kept on passing through
You ain’t that weak to continue running
When you’re the only breathing one

Sometimes I can hear you breathe
My brother you’re a mess
But I must confess that I will lie with you up until the end
Let’s bury them before November starts flushing devlish rains
Stand up tall and hold my fuckin’ hand let us unleash our pain

And the nightmare wasn’t sleeping
Your heart is cold like it was freezing
I know that you love free-falling
Down to your six-feet under grave

I’m a miserable student major
Depressed in this happy school
And suicide keeps running when she’s here
I never thought school wasn’t fuckin’ cool!

written on February 16, 2009

eidos # 240


~ by controlkiryu on 15. 04. 2013.

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