Today Is Another Game

and we..
Take it all, our hate, and leave it here and we..

Dying to get our hands on the job, well
we couldn’t stand above this
Do you see it now?
We are trying to be someone who is..
Trying to race around this black cloud
This black cloud will lead us nowhere, remember?
Beating all the hearts we protected and melting all of these commotions
Associations of the wealthy, we’ve been far, so don’t we?

We are… taking doubts on when we should, like, hurry before darkness seizes us
Looking for a way, well, there is no choice for me
I said I’m number “3”
I’m going in, I’m going in
I’m going inside and no one’s gonna stop me
You all could join me ‘cause it’s right
You all know that I can’t do this by myself

We’re only digits in a dice
It’s our destiny to be, to face this circumstance
Only dice and we’re digits, oh

I’ve already taken my chances
Just so, so I could not forget your faces

I’m so glad that I’m gonna be with you
Not for long ‘cause we are

We are only six, now
We’re the digits in a dice, yeah
Shouldn’t we take a roll out of it?
Or just, maybe we’d open it?

High above us, taking this game for granted
I say, take this job for granted ‘cause
Every time the dice stops rolling, after each one of us has rolled the dice
The one who rolled first is number “1” while the next is “2” up to the “6”

I’d take my chances again………
Maybe we’d open it, whoa………

I’d take my chances ‘cause the digits in the dice are what we are
..‘cause the digits in the dice is what we

written on October, 2007

eidos # 242


~ by controlkiryu on 17. 04. 2013.

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