Everyday, for I don’t know how many years
Now, I haven’t met a beautiful lady across the street
Is that because it was..
Four-thirty in the morning?
Don’t know that I haven’t been in a perfect world?
Clean your car’s windshield and see the truth
It ain’t perfect, see?
You’re hibernating in your closet again

Every millimeter is the every trick
I rest to ‘sure maybe I need to practice my bowling skills
and that is why
When you’re young you fall in love
Photographs can’t be ordinary
You can see images through fake perspectives
Bad things happen
When you’re planning bad schemes again

It’s not like you’ve been breaking the rules
Sunshine’s, like, dating fools
I guess you’ve been scaring ghouls ‘gain

I guess you want to know what’s life with
An ever changing color rainbow-like seed
Your luck is just a slot machine bid end and
Design your designable wakes, be that slut, kid

Battery-powered’s rejected by any means
I guess you want to have an ever-changing seed
I guess you want to know what’s life like
What’s life like with.. you

written on January 05, 2008

eidos # 246


~ by controlkiryu on 24. 04. 2013.

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