A Summer Without Dark

My class goes on an excursion to a tropical island
He is oblivious to someone’s obvious like of me
As both paired allies are increasingly attracted to me
and a nature hike will determine which twin will end me

I will not regret all good things but Dark is nowhere to be seen
What the hell’s going on with me? Is a little boy trapped in a well?
Every second makes my heart beat, faster, faster
Who will eventually end up with me?

Two paths in sight of a waterfall would I fall?
An ace is left with me
We gaze on the space we see inside the cave’s hidden means of access
Returning by the means of hiking down, and then sudden-

She ended up with me

We fall
We fall down and I help her move up, up, up, up, up, up, up
Lightning and thunder strikes surround us
You grab hold onto me
and then you let go, you let go with my heart beating fast
I stood up and left you then my help arrived
I hid behind the wall and Dark then, oh, told me that-

You found her

written on November, 2007

eidos # 253


~ by controlkiryu on 02. 05. 2013.

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