Can’t Poke Things Out Of It

See, filmmakers stole all our scene
It means redeeming’s impossible
Roses are bouncers inside your friend’s interlude
Party like luxury and can’t get in, the cheating bond is too tight

Woah, can’t find resources
Woah-oh, can’t find resources

How lucky you are to join our recent production
Defining the laws all again, step out from this town
Filmmakers can’t find resources, they said: “filmmakers can’t find resources”
Like constables hitting on women, they said:
“people said filmmakers can’t find resources”

They’d lived underground or new downtown, and tried as you know it
A hundred finales and bows with vows exchanging
“Special thanks to all the visitors here”
A theatre inside the downtown police station
Bows and awards for the mishaps exchanging

How lucky for you, security’s here
A hug goodbye, staring…
Another performance another piano, piano, piano, piano interlude
Another, another, another, an other opposition

Just lucky for you the scene-for-you is almost over
When the bouncer left you bouncing all the way to the outside
Shouting: “let me in, let me in, let me in. Let me in, let me in…”

written on October, 2007

eidos # 266


~ by controlkiryu on 18. 05. 2013.

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