School Cards On The First Day, School Cards On Wednesday

Luring the next page
Can’t you even be a rad gal?
Chasing ‘fore the cops come
I’d be waiting for a surprise

Shallow heart, a shallow heart’s what you have
I’d be leaving while my shadow passes you
and I’ll say
See you later

Living on the edge, so what?
Curing all the sickness on the T.V.
Call me when I have your cellphone number
I’d be hoping for an, “I’ll see you”

Sobbing again, you’re sobbing again and my heart
Is, oh, turning pink and as I’m stalking you
All, you’ll say
See me now

My first day
I see my bag is on a red spade
The next passing day
Coming late and you can’t remember

Rust and dust
My bag is still on a red spade, yeah
My first day
With you, I guess it happens all the time

The nest passing, passing day, oh
Coming late and you can’t remember and I
Must lie awake
I see my memory’s stalking you, yeah

Must lie awake

Rust and dust!
My first day!
Passing day!
Lie awake!
Lie awake!

written on September, 2007

eidos # 274


~ by controlkiryu on 28. 05. 2013.

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