Obra Maestra

No one knows I’m alive
I don’t care if they’re searching for my body
Tears came knocking at everyone’s doors
Making me hard to find

A first disguise is a (lie) way of serving myself with some peace and tranquility
On the right, a highly civilized disasterpiece
On the left, a broken masterpiece

Frail and fragile as you fight someone for life
It’s something that takes you away
Choose to go forward and never, never, never, never, never trust

When you are told to

Trust is a must when this nation creeps out
A whole lot of worlds will see through us
What should we do, you say?
Trust me and I will get everything (back, and I’ll)
Restore this nation and the world by means of things that only I can do
(Trust. This time it’s a different meaning)

Take the splinters off your hands and start doing what I command you to
We can win their hearts if you let me be in control
(of everything)
Don’t be afraid…
You’re the god and ruler of your universe…
Don’t be afraid
We will win…

written on November 14, 2008

eidos # 277


~ by controlkiryu on 02. 06. 2013.

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