Elegy Written In A Requiem-esque Churchyard

Darkness sets in after the sunset
People are laughin’ at what you forgot
Becoming the winter as cold as the night
Now fades the glimmering landscape on the sight

Cast in the ground: 6 feet below the ground
Listening to deafening sounds
Can’t hear what you’ve been expecting
Rejecting reports from the underworld

Sleeping in a despair
From which everyone can bear
Shit in our lungs
Rich or poor

written on February 08, 2008

written on June 02, 2013

eidos # 278


~ by controlkiryu on 03. 06. 2013.

One Response to “Elegy Written In A Requiem-esque Churchyard”

  1. Very powerfull and shocking at the same time, i especially like the line “Rejecting reports from the underworld”.

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