(A) Soft Normal July

My love’s just passing by
In this fourteenth July
I can’t be her dreamt-up alibi

So I was left to cry
‘cause I’m not her type of guy
but I just kept on trying.. Try!

The storm was sucked into the greeting of: “Hi”

Speaking of “looking-for-an-ally”
Even she cannot deny
I’m the one she can’t identify

..but I can signify
My worries are goodbye
Well, I just kept on singing/staying I testify

Soft normal July
She’s smiling that smile, smile for just a while
Soft normal July
Emeralds do fly way up in the sky
..and I thank you with a: “Hi!”

written on July 1, 2008

finished on July 2, 2008

eidos # 290


~ by controlkiryu on 17. 06. 2013.

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