You actually don’t want to be lonely
You lied and you lied so they can believe in you
Trust is a must when you’re making friends
..but your lying helped one of you friends die

Oh.. I know you never meant to..

Though, she managed to wake up unharmed
You never cared to.. you never wanted to..
..and smiles like nothing happened and you act that you feel scared and
With the way you propose your stories, I don’t want to see you in hell when you lie!

Oh.. I know you’re throwing off the truth

Further analysis shows that the only thing missing
Is the creation of the ghost that you have created to
Make sense on the sense of “it’s not really there but it is”
Emptiness are replaced by disguised guilt which believers are more prefer to buy

We need to let her get away with this
‘cause she only just lacks on attention


Now, would you care to let go?
To be more confident, to tell what’s real and what’s not
You know you don’t want to be left
With the way you cry and regret everything
I don’t want to see you lonely when you die!

written on March 6, 2008

eidos # 294


~ by controlkiryu on 24. 06. 2013.

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