Come Along With Us, Blade Dancer

We’re gonna fight all over the night
It won’t be long so you have to hold on tight
In this cage, you’re full of fuss
This fight’s not funny anymore

The damage that you’ve done..

Go! We’re gonna sharpen all the blades we own
It won’t be long so you have to hold on

It’s like we have to do this just for fun
It’s like this play is taking me away to life!
I’m holding on to you
I see your blade cuts through the ropes
Nice and clean
Will you join us so we can be complete?
It won’t be long, so hold on

And after all the things we did, you made us fall into your feet!
The damage that you did to us
Not funny anymore

Nice and clean
You tear us up into fine line strips through the night
We’re gonna run away, anyway…

Just so you know, it’s really nice meeting with you
And as the sun comes up, you tried, you tried…
You’re searching for us
You tried, you tried…
You wanted more of us
You tried, you tried and failed

Just so you know
It’s really nice meeting with you!

After meeting with you
You wanted more
You wanted more of us!

written on April, 2007

eidos # 296


~ by controlkiryu on 27. 06. 2013.

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