I Have A Friend and I’m His SOB

Let’s see where this bond’s going
I have to be a dark horse
You’re my light horse

Hold on tight
It’s a wild ride to me!

You a own thing
Oh, what you may call it?
Well, it’s another crap so beat it

What you are is what you get
You’re just nothing but a low-class shit in this town
So better beat it

You should follow everything I told you
Tonight, it’s our turn to take dead presidents…
Like I’ll leave you behind
I’d more often tease you
Hurt you
Kill you than leaving you behind

We can do this
It’s our turn now
It’s our turn now…
I won’t leave you…

I’d often tease you
But, I won’t leave you…
I’d often hurt you more than killing you!

with words

I can’t leave you behind but remember, you can leave me here…
I won’t hurt you if you show me that you’re my friend…
I’ll forgive you but remember, you can forget me
Just don’t leave me
I can’t breathe if you leave me here
And if you kill me, well, that’s okay
Just remember that you will never ever leave me here
Well, hold on tight…
Hold on tight……

written on April, 2007

eidos # 300


~ by controlkiryu on 04. 07. 2013.

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