Traitor Let

Summer ends with her chasing love
She finds him attractively cold
He is always messing the fold
Always, she cries behind his back
Her emotions aren’t hidden
She is comforted with her friends

She doesn’t know she’s not alone
She doesn’t know what’s pitiful
Books only made her pretty full
She tried forgetting ‘bout his name
..and about who he really is
They never ever shared a kiss

A metropolitan movement’s under way
It surges their affections on anything
She’ll always love him anyway
Traitor let her hopes decay/inflame
He’ll pay for making her arteries all clogged up

Some seasons can change but what can she place in boxes full of lies?
Her sole season can’t change
Traitor let her down, now, wipe her eyes

Traitor can’t let her down, now
Wipe her eyes
At least for tonight

written on February 6, 2008

eidos # 301


~ by controlkiryu on 05. 07. 2013.

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