Orange Flavor

You know I’ve got your..
I know you.. want a piece of..
Just give me some of that
Won’t gonna give this right back
Don’t, you’ll never know I want your smack
I’ve been dying just to see your act
You’d give me a heart attack
Yeah, you know

Yeah, let’s see who’s callin’ the police
You skirt’s length is on the top of your knees, miss
You know I’ve been dying for a kiss
Pleasuring fantasy’s what I call a miss
You see those Satin trees, they’re like my fantasies

Oh, yeah, I’ve said this earlier and it is clear that
Yeah, you know me well that

See… You know you can’t be trusting me
You don’t need help from me
I don’t need your sympathy
Even though, I’m afraid that you won’t love me

I saw you wanna cry and I see me wanna cry
Watching you wanna cry makes me wanna die
I know deep down in my heart, you’re the love of my life
I ain’t trying but you know you took a little bit of something from me

But you know I’ve got you..
I own your.. You’ve taste mine.. You’ve liked mine..
You’ve liked it .. You can’t deny it
But you can’t be mad ‘cause you had a taste of my..

Yeah, uh, c’mon, you know

I’ve got your..
You know me well that I own you..
You can’t be mad when you had a taste of my..

written on November 13, 2008

eidos # 315


~ by controlkiryu on 23. 07. 2013.

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