Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute

When I stepped in inside the arcade zone, arcade zone
I never knew that I was gone for too long too long
Just sat in and adjusted my position position
Then, came this girl who caught my vision vision
Now, tell me what she’s like

Now, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me what she is like?

After she sung that first song first song
She got a best score of ninety-nine ninety-nine
And after she sung that second song second song
She got a score of ninety-eight ninety-eight
Her score may go down but she’s sweet like a cake
A strawberry cake for a boy like me to taste/take
Punksters wanna go out and start to hate
Simply because.. I guess they want me and her to be alone

She has long hair and a combination of pink and black hair pin
Just right for a height of a girl and she brought some life in a public affair
Recede, recede, recede, recede…

Recede, recede, recede, recede..

Recede, recede, recede… recede, recede…

written on September 9, 2008

eidos # 330


~ by controlkiryu on 11. 08. 2013.

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