3-5-2-5-4/Into You

This is the last time I’d ever set you here
You’re just an emerald while I’m a ruby but you never wanted to be
Like me
I’m just tired of playing and acting
Just once, I wish days like this will go on forever
I just can’t endure this
Just one last time

“No more secrets”
Because I won’t descend to the sky like you did when I’m sober
You’re not doing anything wrong
and I’m crying inside as if there’s something wrong
With me
Yet, we’re not free
Just one last time

“Roses…” “Laces…”
We both said
I’m not ready, I’m not ready
“Tell me if I’m so close to you”, we both said

I don’t know if you’re still writing to me, no
You should sleep lying with me, no
I’m falling in love with me, no
No, I’m into you

I’m into you now
I’m into searching us like you now

This time, I’m not ready for telling myself what lies ahead
I’ll be your seraph if you explain me this instead
“I don’t want us to live a normal life ahead”
“I want us to live a calm life alone to grow and fade instead”

This time, I know you’re still writing to me
Oh baby, you should sleep lying next to me
I’m falling in love with you
No, I’m into with you

The twilight’s ended
The lights come on..
Without the tranquil ending

written on June, 2007

eidos # 335


~ by controlkiryu on 16. 08. 2013.

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