Though, she kept me all ventilated
In a room where we got insulated
In the car where the seats were deflated, unrelated

The way she has that attention-killer posture
and the way she gestures, yeah, I was sure
Shorty’s gon’ be with me right here tonight
All pumped out, I’d try to douse a light

I’m gon’ take my chance tonight
Gon’ delay the flight, gon’ take the hike
Gon’ make my strike, gon’ blind the fight
Gon’ make it tight, gon’ make it right
Gon’ be the man tonight

She kept me awake, tried to bail
Tried to nail it but I could fail it
She may want it, though, she danced on
On the hot seat, serves me a treat
Dances to the beat, they all be dancin’
They all be trancin’ they all be movin’
and she made that strippin’

She movin’, she dancin’ and she makin’ me happy
They watch the batch tried to catch the catch
We all get funky
It’s time to dance

She stares at maximum impact
Shorty rides me back
She was paralyzed
She was, like, paralyzed
The house kept dancing to the track
I holla back
They were paralyzed
They were, like, paralyzed

written on March 24, 2008

eidos # 339


~ by controlkiryu on 22. 08. 2013.

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