I look down on her
she will never
stand on her own
two feet forever

yeah, let’s, can’t, go on
she is a downward spiral
a puerile female
I guess she’s **** a natural

she’s not that prominent
and she can’t regenerate
as all her trophies left her
we all look down on her

and the harshest judgment
is what she had created
she is the jackknife of any story
her tears aren’t temporary

she hopes of dreams to come away
she can’t even remember smiling
she felt her freedom to live decayed
a malevolent to some others

she clings to me like a baby
it’s like I’m holding a crybaby
sixteen and now approaching her
ticket to be free

But, I never experienced what they have experienced
I’m out of life
I’m out of social life
But, she’s destroying her, self into pieces

Yeah, well, I said that cannot go on
She is that downward spiral
The one who’s always down and weeping around
Modelling is natural

All I’ve said aren’t fiction
It happens
Just to some with a very high misery record
We don’t worry

As we slowly left her crying
I don’t know why we always continue our business
Is that ’cause resolving a problem that’s not ours,
makes a giant hole in the head?

written on January 13, 2009

eidos # 341


~ by controlkiryu on 25. 08. 2013.

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