I’m staring at nothing right now
I feel happy but in my back I’m down and out
You should’ve seen me hesitate
When I’m about to jump off that building
Well, back then, I was sleepwalking
You wouldn’t remember

Is it me or am I calling too?

The clock’s ticking on me
Is it time to do it again?
Had I’ve been waiting for autumn ‘fore the reasons change?
Mixing thoughts with an alcohol with treason
Hiding temptation
Over me, but you wouldn’t remember

We’re only here to have things hidden in mind, breathing
With things on spontaneous moments
I see you bend over
Just put it away, just put it away

Acoustic numbers in ‘love-mag’ poster
Had you’ve been thinking of calling it quits?
But you haven’t put it away, just it away
I’ll scream just let me teach you how to

I need to cooperate with myself
Need to discard this phone
As moonlight sets in 3
I’m dropping my last name for you
Call me ‘dying’ once more and I’ll teach you how to..

written on February 29, 2008

eidos # 345


~ by controlkiryu on 29. 08. 2013.

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